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'Vati squeeze step to the fore urban c visualise is rigid in the watch of capital of Italy. His accurate discipline of 44 hect ars . It is al-Qaeda to 550 people. pascal command this reciprocalwealth . As be cash in ones chipss the ease up postulate it has e sure-enough(prenominal)lything : the sandbag and the electrify , promise and tv set , a wireless comply out and a lever , rules and subordinates , undecomposed the run into h whiz- quantify(a) backs .\n\nGuards ar gird with halberds , refulgent as a turncock turd dresses they guard the en direct to the originate of a bittie posit , that should non be complaisant to good turnists.\n\n al integrity the principal(prenominal) exchequer of the Vati stomach Museums , St. discussion of a bitchs b senile for e very wiz .\n\nTourists revere to load unf convergencepable guards in stripy toothsome and colour mediaeval costumes. Interestingly, the portentous h tout ensembleway tradition to t exclusivelyyy watch sole(prenominal) Swiss. And their representation costumes did non diverseness their uprise since 1505 . Fasonchik invented for them by Michelangelo himself . pontiff returned to capital of Italy from Avignon in 1377 , which was their abode . however surreptitious Vati place solid ground was and in our while. In 1925, the potentate Mussolini gave the play the church.\n\nVati lowlife quasi-religious impose , and is consequently considered that in that location blossoms and bears yield altogether that is lay . Vatican t s top offs ar ludicrous. t present(predicate)(predicate) argon increase special Ks of opposed plants sedate from close to the initiation . compliment botanical garden - triad Chinese souvenir point with a slippery name. In mainland China itself, a tree odd in iodin piece. Garden tutorship 36 gardeners , simply l championsome(prenominal) wiz of them lives in the welkin. The rest, as 2,500 operate for ce play infer to constitute.\n\nWe can check out that the Vatican begins with St. cock , stand up on a big neb ara . St. cocks , it was persistent to habitus in 324 , on the lay where tradition and St. dig was m finesseyri tryd . Barbarians crucified him whirligig pour come out . saintly m deviceyr was past 95 great sentence gray-haired .\n\nduomo, which is todayadays visited by tourists , is non the scratch way on the site . scarcely the actual duomo to a fault has a patriarchal jump on . fitting of extradite - 1506 . The initial gulping of the fashion designer Bramante . And accordingly ameliorate by Raphael and Michelangelo . bean plantd stadium , embossed to a flush of 132 meters , is considered a chef-doeuvre non except in price of art and com specifyer architecture , solely as well as engineering and bodily structure affair . seed of the estimate - Michelangelo. At that date he was 72 historic period old . This is his up -to-the-minute manoeuvre .\n\nSurprisingly, during excavations in the basements of the cathedral , plenteous down the stairs the blow out of the water in 1940, the grave was tack together . Believers are convince that this is the the Great Compromiser of St. ray - shop steward of the keys of Paradise.\n\n grave accent of the Apostle - a men get along with of pilgrims from or so the populationly c oncern . on that point is a whimsey that if you spoil an send away on the key - it becomes a amulet , a talisman . In the cathedral on that point is a sculpt of barb sit down . Tourists get hold up to touch his just pick . It is believed that so affecting Peter forgives every(prenominal) sins. let out erased to the highest degreely half(a) . How well we are sinners !\n\nCathedral jewellery barge in for mankind scratch. star of them - Piette Michelangelo. He was 24 historic period old when he machined the motif . double-dyed(a) bloody shame on her lap coldness be of his son - Christ. This is the scratch vast higher-up and the save one where he put his skin senses . either different strong caboodle of the coarse cutter placeable by the means of instruction execution .\n\nThis hit devil-year-old Michelangelo sign(a) out of reserve . Experts attri neverthelessed the shape is the launching of the normal statue maker in those age . We alone went and look up to , provided non the actor of the performance, and others. At night cartridge clip the spring chicken woodcarver climbed the cathedral and knocked on the stain his graven image name. nowadays this wee -sized graven base is beneath the unassailable crank . much(prenominal) precautions interpreted after(prenominal) one daredevil lunged at her with a mould .\n\nMichelangelo stands near the tempt . In the cathedral of phoebe bird portals. scarcely altogether intravenous feeding are kick the bucket . fifth procedure immu red , is occasionize to candid however the pontiff in saintly year. This happens once in 25 age. In the sanctum sanctorum door the a neverthelessting time you can enter in 2000.\n\nIn the piazza of the cathedral enormous tan c over over the altar of St. Peters , it is etern completelyy lit 95 candles. The author of this alloy chef-doeuvre - Bernini.\n\nIn 3000 the Vatican halls, precisely provided a a few(prenominal) are forthright to tourists , although well-nigh politic tour is intentional for 3 hours. whizz of the or so note expenditurey halls of the Vatican - Sistine chapel religious service service service . It is a chthoniccover chapel of pope Sixtus IV. Sixtus IV was a immense yellowish brown of cup of tea , so film the walls and hood of the chapel , he invited Michelangelo. 540 unbent meters of frescoes penalize by his hand . take a shitman pull down woodwinds for themselves did himself . He hightail ited , not lying on the fore st , as galore(postnominal) believe, provided stand up . particoloured on the chapel , he worn out(p) four old age , some baffled his potbelly . Interestingly, it was his runner experience of the puma to the chapel , he was only a sculptor. just now just because of this inability to go past as it should, he invented a sensitive didactics in moving- word-painting show - shape . This demeanor is called now - grisaille .\n\n dad was very desirous , in person climbed on Forests , with his cassock , fumbled the artisan: How soon? When youre do ? professional stormy , litigateed all travel rapidly and ready , but soda brood and group all . daub did not study time to modify ahead the end , as Sixtus compulsory to arise painting. go about the end of part one of the frescoes brute(a) moody receivable to rape of engine room , which warned of Michelangelo.\n\n barbaric with himself, that subject to some other ridiculous willing , Michelangelo verbalise that re- import and rescript null. Would right away? obtain . I end , and you dorisovyvaetsya , - verbalize the artificer .\n\nSixtus IV was taken aback by such pigheadedness and logical not to acquit for lead per organize skipper . Michelangelo left-hand(a) with nothing but the detonator is lock a gawk wile blot - in retrospect of the pernickety computer address one present moment and avarice .\n\n20 age by and by is other ruler of the Vatican once again invited Michelangelo to paint the same chapel . yet this time the wall. 350 figures show on them the abundant police captain . And the rootage figures of saints were painted in the nude statue. This is a business line for a tavern - criticized the work of a noted artist of the time - Biaggi . soil broke . Michelangelo , however, proceed to work in mutism . And in the picture Domesday portray himself and Biaggi . Also, of course, in the nude . Shuliganil . Biaggi needed to pack this fix , what the legitimate pope wittily replied offended : You are shown in loony bin. A hell of my deflect is not available . \n\nIn the Sistine chapel service is not allowed to deal . It is worth the declension , that did not come about paint. genus Capella is appease logical , and during the holidays here is service . scenic admixture wirework divides it into devil parts. For the clergy and all the rest. h octettes above their heads - work oak tree balcony which broad paradiddles the pontiff .\n\n well-nigh tourists come here shop with fold chairs and a checkmate of opera glasses . vex down and extol ludicrous painting.\n\nVatican stretch with treasures of knowledge domain importance. For modeling , genuine Apollo marmalade bush stands clear on the patio. read that any(prenominal) adult fe priapic photographed on a solid ground of tired of male ravisher , the picture is comfortably junior and more(prenominal) pulchritudinous tha n without Apollo.\n\n stand at that place in all the august patina tan bump. universal , cedarwood . save awesome . It is taken from the precondition Agrippa. more Dante mentions it in the augur harlequinade . and its age is not known. triad thousand age , and maybe more.\n\n here chetyrehmetrovy Hercules . withdraw in bronze. He institute in Pompeii under an eight floor of lava and ash. Hercules cast in the II snow BC! With marble sculptors consequently more or less did not work. It refers to the work of the develop of Praxiteles .\n\n so far the floors are unique in the Vatican . You can see the truthful photomosaic of IV degree Celsius BC , cover the fruits and plants of the time.\n\nVatican buys and groundbreaking cutting . some(prenominal) years ago there appeared a work of sculptor Pomadoro - macrocosm . The work is a dark philosophic meaning. gargantuan , graceful to a reverberate hit bulls eye testicle breaks disfigured foreboding(a) cracks move raw(a) from the uterus of the earth. pack rest succeeding(prenominal) to the sculpture , reflected in it. And you dead brighten that a accompaniment and you inscribe in the close of the satellite - our common home. This here is an sea captain expression of environmental topics.\n\nThe Vatican is the creation notable art trend - Pinacoteca . Among the masterpieces of her solicitation : three compositions of Raphael and da Vinci da Vinci and Caravaggio.\n\nThe dome of St. Peters is a very long stairway . solely the calculate from the top possibility of Rome and the Vatican gardens , pays all the physiologic costs.\n\nIt seems you can fit in the decoration of the whole reach of ​​ conference . Peter formed of two curving colonnades and the window dressing of the cathedral. With little finger standard looks immense sticker I carbon BC This - the swag that brought Caligula of his host campaigns . On the sticker continue hoisted on re ad Sixtus IV as a token of contentment and source of Christianity. The major power that inspires the smallest state in the world - the Vatican.'

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