Thursday, May 9, 2019

Building Pharaohs Chariot Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Building Pharaohs Chariot - Essay fountTo achieve their mission, the experts had to undergo several challenges. They had a time limit of only eight weeks to build and quiz the chariot that was quite a limited amount of time for such(prenominal) an exercise. Building the chariot required the assistance of highly skilled craftsmen, who were hard to locate in a foreign land. They relied heavily on the locals to find such men but eventually were able to locate one of the best carpenters and craftsmen in Cairo. This was a relief as they were now able to proceed. Obtaining the right and exact materials of building the chariot was another(prenominal) challenge they had to encounter. Most of the building materials of ancient Egypt were imported hence unable to obtain locally. They experts had to make phthisis of locally available materials in their construction that had the same capacity to work as those used in the prior construction of the chariot. Assembling parts of the chariot was a challenge. Some parts of the chariot such as the spokes, which in ancient Egyptian times were made in a V-shaped way and committed to the hub with only pressure and glue, were hard to bend and fix as effectively as the Egyptians did. They had to make the range light enough as was for the Egyptians who had concluded to the use of 6 spokes wheels as opposed to the use of 4 spokes wheels that made movement cumbersome and the eight spokes wheels that made the chariots heavy.The experts relied on information from ancient Egyptian tombs set(p) in the Elcab settlement in present day Cairo, with walls crafted over 300 years ago.

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