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Dell Computer Sustainability Performance Metrics Essays -- Business, S

dingle Computer Sustainability Performance MetricsDell Computer Corporation is the worlds largest supplier of personal computers (Fleming, 2006). Dells goal is to be the greenest technology company on the planet (Ball, 2008, p. 1). Hence, Dell, like many corporations today, establish sustainability initiatives to persuade regulators, stakeholders, and consumers of their commitment to protect fraternity and the environment. However, companies must(prenominal) support these claims with tangible performance metrics. Thus, some of the processes, programs, and reports Dell using to identify and measure performance is examined.Performance MeasuresDell Computer Corporation believes stakeholders must be given long term value by ensuring the company commits to and integrates economic, social, and environmental sustainability into its business practices (Litten, 2005). Hence, Dells commitment to this goal is evidenced by becoming a Ceres company (Fleming, 2006). Ceres is a national c oalition of investors, environmental groups, and public welfargon organizations assisting companies with sustainability efforts. Thus, Dell was lauded for being the first in the computer industry to partner with Ceres (Fleming, 2006). Moreover, companies involved with Ceres must agree to the following terms discuss sustainability issues with shareholders and stakeholders, release sustainability reports to the public, and commit to continuously reform sustainability efforts (Fleming, 2006). Thus, an assumption can be made based on Dells definition of sustainability and its Ceres affiliation that industry standards, sustainability performance, and shareholder reaction are key performance drivers. Consequently, aspects of this assumption are found in Del... ...ould be measured or what constitutes a footprint (Ball, 2008). Consequently, Dell is no different than opposite corporations attempting to calculate emissions on their own terms.ConclusionThe relevance of sustainability is clear. Regulators, stakeholders, and consumers expect corporations to account for the impact their business practices have on society and the environment. Hence, corporations must not save promise to act they must also provide realistic, tangible performance metrics that magnify their level of commitment. While this is a challenge all corporations type Dell has embraced the challenge. Dells sustainability performance is measured, monitored, tracked, and made public through its annual sustainability reports. Inasmuch as sustainability is continuous more work needs to be done. However, Dells overall scorecard is impressive.

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