Monday, May 20, 2019

Drama Soap Opera Essay

Our soap opera is called Selby Walk, named after a nearby common land situated near the street where our soap is filmed. Its set in a city suburb. The runner circumstance of the soap contains three characters. Their names are Dave Hudson who assumes the role of a cabman driver, Mark convert who is a family businessman and Rob Kallis- a shady drug dealer operating in the area. The cabby driver, Dave, is modelled as a chatty person in his early 40s. At times, hes overly the street gossip. Hes a pretty likeable personality.Mark Hayes is a businessman in his late 30s. Although he occupies the spotlight longer than his fair share, he is a family man and laden with responsibilities, so he keeps himself to himself. Rob Kallis is renowned as the town villain. He unremarkably dresses in black and always spiteful of many people. At 25, he is also despised by the community that he is a part of. he scene begins in Daves taxi. He is hotheaded Mark to an area where Rob Kallis dealings are rife. The camera is continuously jumping from catching the reply of one actor to the other. out front the dialogue starts, the camera swivels from looking at the road to the driver. This starts the scene off. However, the scene does not begin from when the journey begins. We catch it in the middle. Mark closes the door and begins to walk up the road. Before travelling up to a house footpath, he takes a quick look around. The camera also does this as if it was filming through his eyes. Mark walks up the footpath and up to a door. He peal the doorbell, but nobody answers. However, he finds the door unlocked and walks in. Dave watches this carefully, with a suspecting look on his face.

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