Friday, May 24, 2019

Ethos Outline Essay

When you write you must believe that people will wonder and question your authority. g. Maybe not scientific expertise, but personal experience. . Having profession titles withal can endorse trust. i. Small signals of authority can be picked up almost subconsciously IV. Establishing Credibility j. Humor puts a listener at ease, and helps them nominate k. Listen to people confident enough to make fun of themselves. l. Move quickly to reasonable claims after and back it up with evidence. m. Audiences respond to how you present yourself as a person. n. Using language to show that you respect, not talking almost(predicate) nor below them. o. Citing respectable sources to show that you have done your work. p. Using conditions of rebuttal. V. Coming scavenge about Motives q.Readers will ask how it benefits the narrator of the idea. r. Stating blanking how, and potential conflicts of interest will cause gained trust. s. In political circles, it is almost sport to assume the worst abou t motives. t. Admission of uncertainty helps build a bridge. After reading about the appeal of Ethos I mostly reflected on the fact that there was a jam I had never thought about with natural human tendencies. Mostly what was interesting to me was the fact that we mostly base our trust on the character of a person. Maybe if they back up their statements with facts we will believe, but it all starts with the character of a person.I also had never thought that people started with humor because they necessitate to connect, and bring themselves to a trusting level with their audience. Another thing I had not thought of was that readers will always question their writers, even subconsciously, about more different subjects. One main point I did not understand completely was talking about motives, and how saying conflicts of interest would help you connect to your reader, besides just on a trust level. Besides that I thought this chapter was very interesting, and contained many things t hat made sense, but I had never thought about or questioned before.

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