Thursday, May 16, 2019

Green IT Literature review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Green IT - Literature follow ExampleSecondly a brief history on the progress of jet plane IT and where it was graduation exercise implemented, how it affects the purlieu and general policies about parking area schooling Technology. Green IT starts from the designing, disposing, and manufacturing and also during usage of a computing machine, it is expected that during completely these processes the concept of green information technology policy is applied or calld (Friedman and Thomas, 2008). The main goals of green information technology is to reduce usage of harmful or hazardous material slice manufacturing computers, maximise on the energy used during products lifetime and most importantly promote recycling of defunct products and drive off from factories. Most of todays corporate world and industries have encouraged green computing in their respective learning Technology department through this they minimize the negative impact on the environment in their Informatio n Technology operations (Webber, Larry and Wallace, 2009). To promote green computing some basic approaches are employed to make it easier to understand. These approaches include green use, green judicature, green design and green manufacturing. Green use concept is using minimal electricity consumption in computers and its devices in an environmental friendly manner. Likewise, green disposal is the re-making or recycling of computers and its devices, and if not possible, disposing them appropriately (Wilcox and Charlotte, 2009). Green design is encouraged in computer designing where it is necessary to design an energy efficient computer or other peripherals. Lastly green manufacturing is employed during manufacturing of computer to reduce the negative impact of these activities. Some of the features that have been programmed into computers that impose Green Information Technology is like the hibernate mode when one is not using the computer for a finis of time, using of liquid c rystal display (LCD) monitors instead of cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors because CRT monitors uses much business leader then LCD monitors or using power management features to minimize the amount of power. The Green Information Technology computing initiative is designed to cater for all areas this is because modern Information Technology formation relies on various type of people who operate in different ways. A computer contains different kinds of chemical toxins that are harmful to the environment. A single computer can contain up to 1 kilogram of lead that is combine with other chemicals like boron, phosphor and hydrofluoric acid just to mention a a few(prenominal) (Maus and Rex, 2010). Due to this it was necessary to come up with a system that would ensure these harmful materials dont negatively affect the environment or at the least minimize the negative effect. However, careless disposal of these electronics is not the only way that it affects the environment negatively lack of using energy efficient methods while using computers or generally electronic affects the environment. This is done by ensuring that a computer used or a related technology reduce the amount of electricity that it uses but instead use it more efficiently. Through this the amount of carbon (IV) oxide produced during energy production is reduced hence environment degradation is minimized. It was first

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