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Interview With Sports Organisation Leader Essay

Part I Interview Questionnaire1. Briefly describe your current position and its duties and responsibilities.I am the treasurer to the Mid-Crest Panthers. My responsibilities include ensuring safe custody of each the organization funds and assets as well as handling completely financial matters in the organization. I am also a member of the shape up in which most decisions of the organization are make.2. How long have you held this position?3. What is the lead structure analogous in your organization?This organization has a board which is the main decision making body. The board is made of the president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, athletic director, cheer coordinator, football director, heighten coordinator, and fundraising coordinator. The organization also has team coaches which head various teams. However, all these leaders work in union as far as coordination of the club is concerned.4. Who are some of the primary stakeholders of this organization?The primary st akeholders include customers and fans, management, coaches, staff, youth and parents.5. How do you strive to meet the needs of the stakeholders?All stakeholders are represented in board meetings where they give their opinions of what whom they represented would like to see happens in the organization. I also note this down and ensure that their needs are met as much as possible while still considering all decisions made by the board.6. How would you describe your leadership style?My leadership style is including others views in carrying out duties entrusted to me. It is democratic leadership. overture up with ideas and consequently letting other opinion into these ideas.7. How important is leadership to the success of your organization?Leadership is very important. It gives the guideline of what activities to be carried out, how and when they will be carried out. It also comes up with strategies of financing these activities. It unites all stakeholders of the organization. It also gives solution to various problems that faces the organization as far as daily activities are concerned. The leadership monitors the organizations activities and gives advocate for the necessary actions.8. What do you feel is the most important aspect of leadership?Most aspect of leadership is to understand people you are leading and their needs- what they need, and then come up with appropriate way of solving these problems.9. What are some of the significant changes your organization has undergone?The size of this organization has greatly increased over the historical years. The organization has also increased its network with other organization in its effort to ensure reliable club funding and participating stakeholders.10. What role did leadership play in these changes?The leadership comes up with policies that will enhance this and then present them to the stakeholders as they seek support of the same.11. What methods do you use to resolve impinge or resistance to change?Me thod of solving conflict depends on what kind of conflict is at hand. There are some conflicts which are puzzle out by the team leader, the board or both. Opinions from different members are also given priority so as to avoid conflicts. Dialogue is employed so as to solve many conflicts and rule of majority is also employed.12. What advice would you give someone entering a leadership position for the first time? wiz should be ready to work extra hard than the people he/she is leading, understand their needs, including their weaknesses and strengths and be ready to listen to their opinions.Part II Interview compendiousAccording to this interview, it is clear that a leader is not a person who makes decisions and imposes them those he/she is leading. Success of a leader greatly depends on the relationship he/she has created with those he/she is leading. It is not enough to make decision on how to lead an organization, it also calls for great effort to sell these ideas to all stakehol ders so as these decisions whitethorn be well implemented.This interview has also changed my view about this organization. I have come to understand that it is a big family where cooperation of all stakeholders is emphasized. All stakeholders are well informed of all activities going on in the organization. It is not a place where stakeholders receive policies from the top management it is a place where all of them are involved in decision making e.g. in this organization, board members consist of representatives from all stakeholders. As the main decision making body, it is certain that decisions made will involve opinions from all stakeholders.This interview also enriched my knowledge about leadership. As a leader I should have ideas about how to handle a certain situation, but I should also make sure this is supported by the majority and also enrich these ideas from opinions of all stakeholders.In case I was in leadership position, I will consider others opinions very important f or my success as a leader. I will equally respect all staff to this organization and support decisions made by the board.

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