Friday, June 21, 2019

Cell Phones The Impact of their Inappropriate Use Essay

Cell Phones The Impact of their Inappropriate Use - Essay ExampleRecently, in the library trying to write some notes, four cell phones were being used in my vicinity. It was impossible to concentrate, as the noise was too much, entirely added to this, was the distraction from the different conversations going on. All of these were non-urgent, altogether inane, things like what time to meet after class, who said what to whom, and even the best new lip gloss to buy I felt as if my quadriceps femoris was invaded and that there was no respect for other peoples needs, or indeed for the place itself. The library after all, is meant to be a quiet public space, designed to help us study and learn. In a way, I felt my rights were being violated. I had to move away so did two other students. We all looked resigned to this course of action, but what else could we doA few weeks back, at an intersection in town, I witnessed a guy in his car, shouting into a hand-held cell phone, go through a red light. By good luck, nothing was crossing in front of him, or the results of his actions could have been fatal. He was angry, not paying anxiety to the road, the people, the dangers. I felt a little sick, as I imagined what could have happened, and also angry at such disregard for others. A couple of mothers with babies in strollers just looked at each other,The worst, personal experience, which happen

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