Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Performance, Planning and Decision-Making Essay - 1

Performance, Planning and Decision-Making - Essay ExampleThe context will enumerate the advantages that can be experienced by an organization by selecting an appropriate leadership style. At the same time, the context of the essay will explain some inherent problems associated with one single guinea pig of leadership. At the end the researcher will state that authentic leadership approach is the best method to govern a concern in the on-line(prenominal) dynamic world. The entire context of the essay will include several empirical examples for making the analysis more robust.The essay will focus on the importance of choosing appropriate leadership style for successful organizational performance. It will critically analyze for and against the statement concerned. The analysis will be done with the attention of theoretical and empirical analysis tools. The state of business complexity has significantly increased in the current era. At this juncture, business firms actively seek robu st ways by which they would be able to achieve competitive edges in business (Casson and Wadeson, 2012). Efficiency of factor resources is crucially required for long-term growth of a company. However, growth and productivity of all resources can be stimulated by a leader or an entrepreneur. Many researchers observe leadership as an authorised causal factor affecting performance of an organization.However, there exist very few studies that show the exact ways that allow leadership to affect performance, husbandry and climate of a business organization. There are various researches conducted on leadership relating to human services in organizations, but little investigation has been conducted on appropriate practice of leadership in the similar context. It is believed by some researchers that an organization is able to effectively prepare growth plans in business alone after determining an appropriate leadership style. This is because through leadership, management system of

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