Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Racial tension Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Racial tension - Essay Example(US Census 2003-7).In colleges Africans Americans are one-half the rate of the whites, they are about 14% while the whites are about 24%.The improving Educational standards have promoted the improvement of race relations with in the African American and the white population.(Jackson 2008).Ever since the modern African American population has started to take more interest in education and more and more African Americans are graduating from the different universities through out America, and the percentage increase in African American literacy has gone up as well.(Jackson 2008). If we look at the memoir of race relations in America in the educational context the Afro American minority was largely suppressed in terms of education and culture opportunities. Racist attitudes locked the doors of opportunities for these enslaved people and even after they gained freedom the minority ignored education as a tool for survival. (Jackson 2008).They lacked the righ t of suffrage until the advent of the elected trend of Civil rights and liberties and initiatives like the American Creed during the early 1940s by Gunnar Myrdal. It was indeed Myrdal who wrote in his book famously (quoted in Jackson 2008)The ideals of the inbred dignity of the individual human being, of fundamental equality of all men, and of certain inalienable rights to freedom, referee, and a fair opportunity represent to the American people the inwrought meaning of the nations early struggle for independence. . . . These tenets were written into the Declaration of Independence, the Preamble of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and into the Constitutions of the several states. . (p. 4)These movements and initiatives were aimed at resolving their problems and to ensure equality and justice amongst all races. (Jackson 2008).A key role was played by Martin Luther king who was one of the pivotal leaders of the American civil rights movement. One of the landmark decisions/eve nts in the

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