Friday, July 26, 2019

Assigment 3 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Assigment 3 - Assignment Example They both got up from a sitting position whenever they felt like it. The children also displayed fine motor skills by playing with the props and toys; they would use the toy as a tool to smack the other toy. The toddlers also showed interest in the strange sounds they heard. If someone with a slightly strange voice spoke they paused for a second to recognize the source. One of the toddlers did show slight imbalance while walking, but the caretaker said that it was normal. Every child wobbles once in a while. The children showed cognitive development when they were playing with the toys. They also understood what the caregiver wanted them to do. The speaker would show them the toy whenever they seem to cry. They would immediately get interested in the toy or a game the speaker would play with them. Both the toddlers showed attention skills. Whenever the speaker would talk to them, they would listen and respond/react. The toddlers seemed interested in toys and props and engaged with the setup persistently until they started feeling lonely and wanted to go back to the caregiver. The children showed signs of their awareness about shapes and sizes. One baby tried to fit the small toy in the larger one, but the shapes were too different from each other, so they didn’t fit. But the child showed that he knew that smaller would go inside the bigger. The children also demonstrated curiosity and the ability to initiate. Any new toy would interest them. They would leave the old toys and would go discover a new one. It is difficult to write a comprehensive report about the cognitive development of the toddlers from a brief observation. However, during this short demonstration, they showed excellent eye-hand coordination, physical activity, sense of size and shape (with the toys), and chasing each other. Both the toddlers showed emotional connection with the speaker. They responded and obeyed many times during the demonstration. They would cower when a

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