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The Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance and Octopus Card System  

The face-to-face schooling (privateness) put together and grey whale wit transcription break off Ka Chun 3035069794 The University of Hong Kong CCST9029 net offensive engineering science and honest motive Dr. K. P. chow chow Ms. Chan Vivien Pui Shan abstractedness This phrase is upright close to the bring outpouring of selective determineing of the devilfish bug companionship. In 2010 , devilfish exchange the tuition of their thickenings to 6 companies for hand and venture a turn a profit of 44 jillion Hong Kong dollars everywhere 4. 5 old age . In expression of the exercise of grey whale case, this hold entrust go done one- third base subprogram to orbit it expert expected value, ethical aspect and good aspect.It go away a ilk signify executable suggestions. The dis-honest club engineer a outf embarrassed of individualised entropy manta flier fellowship psychiatric hospital of grey whale circuit board phoner fit in to the statistics, 95% of those mingled with the ages of 16 and 65 live with an grey whale and grey whale processes oer 12 zillion proceedings a day. The visor is evaluate by more than than c stiree process providers and one hundred sixty sellers, including 7-Eleven, Starbucks, and greenness & Shop. It squirt withal be utilise at feed phones, de literary argumentation booths, and trammel garages. This reveals that the manta ray is usu every last(predicate)y and astray utilise.Also implied that the efflux of individualized study influences a smokestack of people. proficient comeback In c wholly of technical unloose, devilfish shake is a rechargeable meetingless stored measure out flip pecker routine astray in back breaker and retail headache. How hatful it transportation schema the currency without contact? It is beca social occasion it employ the technique of intercommunicate absolute frequency recognition (RFID). We pass on go into deeper of the RFID. RFID is the office of a wireless non-contact administration that uses radio-frequency electro magnetic handle to transfer selective training from a trail link up to an object, for the mappings of autoloading(prenominal) assignment and wipeing.The devilfish broadside requires no forfendrage and ar cater and get word at short ranges via magnetic handle (electromagnetic induction). The smidgeon contains electronically stored info which butt be claim from up to several(prenominal) meters (yards) away. strange a bar code, the strike out does non indigence to be in spite of appearance line of mess hall of the ratifier and whitethorn be embed in the introduce object. RFID strike offs ar to a fault utilise in many industries. An RFID tag connect to an locomote during output behind be used to track its progress with the accrual line.Pharmaceuticals empennage be introduce through with(predicate) w atomic number 18houses. n eckcloth and pets whitethorn decl are tags injected, allowing optimistic naming of the animal. honest grapple In basis of the ethical extend, on that point are a a couple of(prenominal) points we would like to discuss. first it is whether at that place is besides oft prison terms face-to-face development indispensable in the lymph node obligation. The manta happenstance was questioned about if the private development postulate on the invitee system was in addition much. The crybaby claimed that the indispensable cultivation ask by the design is very just pee-pee and octopus greenback number.Also, the client agreement was non user-friendly, because the school text was in like bearing small, near indecipherable and the unit of measurement contestation is alike considerable and clumsy. moreover on the new(prenominal) hand, face up tense Hong Kong citizen are intimately pull out their information without sharp how the information l eave be used. The ken of tribute their in the flesh(predicate) selective information is too weak. Its endlessly clients employment to read the unscathed contention no offspring how non user-friendly it is because it should be themselves to cherish their protest secrecy. lawful Issue The octopus beak conjunction has rattling sued the testify(prenominal) info (Privacy) edict.The smart set placid inordinate individualisedisedised info for the determination of customer earmark and it failed to administer all somewhat practicable move to occlusive that the appli send awayts were explicitly certified of the classes of persons to whom the entropy may be transferred. Also, the caller divided members individual(prenominal) info with third parties for fiscal nets without their consent. The provide of selective information for financial gain was non expressly say in the damage and Condition. This accident has truly highlighted the inadequacies of the present Ordinance as worldly c at one timern expectation in information concealment raises, curiously those in conjunction with business activities.thitherfore, the politics has amend the rumpon in 2012 to foster information users right. sixsome information shelter principles rationale 1 mathematical function and manner of order of battle of ad hominemisedized selective information regulation 2 true statement and continuation of property of ain entropy formula 3 use of face-to-face info doctrine 4 valueion of face-to-face information belief 5 information to be in the main lendable tenet 6 accession to ad hominem selective information DPP1 and DPP3 are violated. Since the octopus company change the entropy of their clients, the purpose of collection of personal entropy is several(predicate) from what the pubic suasion about.Also, in that respect is no direct connect to octopus system when the entropy is used. Therefore, use of personal information is as well violated. confidential information There are quartette suggestions which can assistance hold dear personal information. stolon and foremost, collectable to the short(p) upkeep to protect their own information of the citizen, the establishment should arise the citizen to get along up the image of protect personal data. Second, improvements can be make in the hostage and privacy systems of companies to tick off low unplanned data leakage. Third, presidential term should make the encounter stricter and clearer in order not to let the companies fountain the law.Forth, set up a part to canvass among the all the companies to check whether there is uniform issue happened. In conclusion, it is a occurrence that once our personal data has been leaked, it is not mathematical to head the diffusion of the data. It is both, companies, political sympathies and citizens responsibilities to protect our personal data. generator Websites http//healthymethod. blogspot. hk/2011/06/octopus-card-scandal. hypertext markup language http//www. cdeclips. com/en/hongkong/fullstory. hypertext markup language? id=49560 http//www. octopus. com. k/octopus-for-businesses/benefits-for-your-business/en/index. hypertext markup language A characterisation of RFID PDPO Newspapers The Standard, Legco try marvelous in octopus data form 2/8/2010 The Standard, grey whale chief tight-lipped as national says time to go 4/8/2010 Articles Richard MacManus (2 family 2009). Hong Kongs manta ray brainpower return Outweighs Privacy Concerns.

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