Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Checking the Resistance through Wire

Check the resistance with wire We will use the constantan wire to check the resistance wire; our deformation is wire of different length. I chose this because it seems like an interesting deformation and proves that sometimes it is acceptable and safe to use long lines rather than small rows. For the experiment, use the following equipment.  · As a power pack, Constantine wire, ammeter group, we take the voltmeter and the ammeter into consideration, cut the different lengths of the constantan wire and indirectly connect them to the power pack. Examining the resistance of a wire is the name of the wire's resistance to the tendency of electrons to travel through the wire. The greater the resistance generated by the electron, the greater the voltage required to drive the current through the wire. The resistance value is defined by the following equation. Resistance on resistor R (R) = p  · db Current through wire (I) Tab / Important factors have many factors that can influence. Temp erature, current, line thickness, line length, line resistance. When the temperature rises, atoms in the wire begin to vibrate. That is, since they react electronically, the temperature affects the resistance. The problem with this method is that it is difficult to change the temperature of the wire and keep it at the same constant temperature. A 0.02 ohm resistance wire was used to measure the effect of temperature on the current. Wire thickness is 1 mm. I connected the wire to the battery and measured its resistance. Resistance decreases as the refrigerator temperature decreases. After cooling it to 0 degrees Celsius the resistance reached 0.014. After that, the wire is placed on dry ice and its resistance drops again. The resistance is measured after the star has heated the wire. The resistance of the wire rises as the temperature rises. At 100  ° C, its resistance is about 0.029

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