Friday, August 2, 2019

Family Planning Essay

†¢ It means the spacing of children and that parents are completely free to choose the number of children they want. †¢ People in almost all parts of the world are agreed that family planning is necessary in every country which desires to raise the living standard of its people. †¢ Family planning has also been referred to as the totality of human efforts to achieve human dignity, economic stability, health and happiness and welfare through: o Birth regulation and spacing of children by the use of accepted scientific methods Rhythm †¢ Only method that the Catholic church approves of †¢ â€Å"Periodic abstention† †¢ A plan of avoiding sexual intercourse during the fertile period just before and after an egg has been produced in her body †¢ Most women release an egg cell about once a month usually 14 days before the menstruation †¢ May vary from month to month and it is necessary to determine whether accurately as possible when an egg will be produced †¢ Can be reliable if the menstrual cycle is regular †¢ The doctor may help you determine when your fertile period is Sterilization †¢ Vasectomy(male); Tubal ligation(female) †¢ An operation whereby a tube, vas deferens, where the sperm cells pass is being removed †¢ In tubal ligation, the one removed is the tube where the egg cells pass †¢ Those who use this method are those with three to four children †¢ It is for couples whose families are complete †¢ The procedure much simpler for the male †¢ There no side effects and the cost of operation is cheaper Douching †¢ Flushing out the vagina with a medicated solution immediately after intercourse to remove or destroy sperm Abstinence †¢ Refraining from sexual intercourse †¢ 100% effective To have all this methods of family planning, one must be full of fire and enthusiasm about it yourself in persuading people to do such. If people are convinced of the possibility of family planning, the result will not only help the couples either rich or poor, to have a sound and healthy family but also make the nation a powerful and strong one. The world is not after the quantity but the quality of the people. Any couple who desires to use a family planning method should visit a family planning clinic so that they can learn the important details concerning the particular method they may choose and assure pregnancy protection. General Principles Governing the Choice of Contraceptive method 1. A contraceptive method is not for an unmarried individual but for a married couple. Although only one mate may be involved in its use, it affects the interpersonal as well as sexual relationship of husband and wife. 2. The effectiveness and the acceptability of any method are in direct proportion to the experience of the physician in suiting the method to the couple’s particular needs and the degree of motivation of the couple in using the method consistently. 3. The physician, being human, has his own preference and emotional reactions thereto. It is only in listening with respect to the patient’s reaction that the couple’s emotional need will be met. Catholic Church’s Position on Family planning On July 31, 1975, Julio R. Cardinal Rosales, pres. Of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, made the following classifications on the stand of the Church in the Philippine Population Program: 1. The Church is in accord with the Government on the need for family planning. The church has always advocated responsible parenthood. 2. The church respects the Government responsibility in making available to the citizens such means of family planning that would not violate their conscience of those employed by the Government in its program. 3. The church advocated the family life program which upholds human dignity, healthful marital love and family relationship, and which teaches that the means for family planning is the natural method, with the exclusion of artificial contraceptives, sterilization and abortion. 4. The church maintains that the individual conscience is the ultimate arbiter in the choice of the means for family planning.

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