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Proposal Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Proposal - Dissertation Example From this we derive that dating is basically an activity of knowing each other over a longer period of time to see if a romantic relationship that is built within themselves should extend further or not. Online Dating An  internet dating service, commonly  known as  online dating, is a  dating system that gives the platform to people seeking for a romantic relationship. The individuals are able to meet their date online and can start a new romantic or sexual relationship through this online service. The online dating service provides its services through the help of  personal computers, the  Internet, and phones. It allows people to give their personal information, and requirements so that they can search for the individuals accordingly. The criteria they are asked to share include gender, age bracket, location and much more. There is also an option to upload one’s own photos on the website so that the other members of the website can view the photo. There are othe r services offered by the sites including  online chat, message boards, webcasts etc. There are various sites that do not charge for its registration whereas some require a monthly subscription fee. Usually the concept of online dating fills the distance gaps and that is the reason most of the members belong to a variety of backgrounds seeking a different types of relationships. But there always some sites that are more specific about the type of members, their interest, location, background or relationship. Aim of Research Project The topic of the research is well introduced. The following are the aim of this research paper: To analyze the concept and trend of online dating. To discuss the advantages and disadvantages of online dating. To see its effects and results, by closely monitoring and surveying the direct consumers. To have the insight of people involved in this business. To evaluate it from both a consumer and a business point of view to judge the practicability and feas ibility of this particular e-business. Background of Online Dating The online dating and its trend originated from a basic part of North American culture as the internet itself. Gradually the process and practice caught the eye of millions of people globally and hence the trend was spread. For Emily Livingston from, one of the largest matchmaking website, the 1998 film, â€Å"You’ve got Mail†, became the inspiration and one step towards the global acceptance, as the film was a story of online romance. Talking about the native place of online dating today in North America, the membership of internet-based dating organizations are over 50 million. Refining itself over time and meeting the requirement, the service of online dating became more inclusive and sophisticated as it was a platform to initiate the relationships. Lately, the most practiced or the famous ritual was to approach someone you like through friends, bar encounters, blind dates, singles clubs , etc. Today, these practices are considered as outdated styles of the â€Å"bad old days† by many of us. In  2002, a  Wired  Magazine  article forecasted that, â€Å"Twenty years from now, the idea that someone looking for love without looking for it online will be silly, similar to skipping the card catalog to instead wander the stacks because the right books are found only by

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