Friday, August 16, 2019

School Uniforms in the U. S.

There are many schools in the U. S. that require their students to wear uniforms, and there're also some that don't. I believe that school uniforms should not be required for a few reasons. Uniforms take away from a person's individual identity, and they can be costly to people depending on their financial status. School uniforms can also be a very uncomfortable fashion that students would not take a liking to. The first reason uniforms should not be required is that most schools across the country believe uniforms take away from an individuals identity, so they don't require their students wear them.In today's world your identity and having a good sense of self is important to the diversity that Americans have show in the past. In schools that require uniforms the student body all look the like same person, very bland and boring people. This is not what American society is, we are casual dressing diverse people, and dressing casual and the way you like is the best way to recognize s tudents as individual people and not as part of â€Å"those people. † Another reason for opposing uniforms is everyone especially kids like to be comfortable when having to sit still for an elongated period of time.When kids are uncomfortable in school they tend fidget and not pay attention instead they are worrying about fixing their clothes, which should not be their top priority. When guys wear the uniforms they will always have to be worried about whether their tie is straight or if their shirt is properly tucked in. Girls wearing uniforms might have to worry about their skirts if they are proper length and if they are twisted or not, and being a girl I know how easily female clothes can become askew from their proper place.All these minor irritations kids would have to go through limit their comfort and cause their minds to lack focus on schoolwork and concentrate more on fixing their clothes. Also some days kids may wake up and not feel to well and just might want to we ar the comfortable t-shirt and sweat pants. Wearing uniform when feeling under the weather might just agitate their wellness a little more. The last and most important reason for not requiring uniforms are they money. These uniforms might costly roughly between forty and fifty dollars per set, and on top of that parents would have to buy four or five to last the school eek, with a final purchase cost of two hundred and fifty dollars. Some parents can not afford these high prices depending on their financial situation, and forcing parents to buys these is just another way to put a damper on their already harsh feelings on their income. Also you cannot penalize a child for what their parents can and can't afford. After a while kids do grow and would grow out of their new expensive attire and even more money will have to be spent to buy more sets of uniforms.We all live in a country were we are free to make choices, like what we want to wear everyday. Taking away our right to choose is like a natural right, a right that you are born with, and as we all know Americans thrive on their rights set up by the constitution more than two hundred years ago. Bottom line school uniforms should not be required for students to wear, they take away from our individual identity, they can become quite uncomfortable to wear, and most important they can be very costly and a not needed financial burden. http://www. bookrags. com/essay-2004/12/20/11426/585/

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