Friday, September 13, 2019

The election system in Mexico Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The election system in Mexico - Essay Example The person who gets more votes selects for the leading of state and government affairs. Present electoral process is the modified form and it continuously changed its shape according to the revolutionary demands of history. By electoral process a common man gets the power to select its own leader so it is the power of people not power of lords. By this process every one participate in the decision making process related to the state future and its people. Past scenario The history of politics in Mexico started by the independence on Sep 16th 1810 in the town of Dolores Hidalgo. The priest Miguel Hidalgo Costilla kept the first mile stone of the political background in the Mexico. So the start of politics was by the priest and the head of state was to be priest and church as the office for serving political issues. Till 1858 the same system was implemented for political orders but due to its draw backs and un justice affairs the state was separated from church by Benito Juarez, a Zapo tec from Oaxaca, became president and order to separate both the church and state from each other as both are different things can’t work properly together. Mexicans struggled hard for modification of their political system. The Revolution of 1910-20 was a mile stone of their struggle and change towards improvement in politics. They make the constitution of 1917, by which they described the grounds for their modern political system .Mexico's governing institutions and political culture also have great effect of three centuries of Spanish colonial rule on their structure and working procedure. Current scenario The Mexico politics framework consist of a federal presidential representative democratic whose government is based on a congressional system, the president of Mexico at same time perform duties of head the of state and head of the government. The executive power is in hand of the executive branch, and president President runs it as he has a cabinet of secretaries advise s the executive branch that are independent of the legislature. . The main important political parties working in Mexico politics are: (PAN), the (PRD) and (PRI). The citizen of Mexico above the 18 years old can participate in the vote casting process, The vote casting is compulsory but not enforced on the citizens. The main documents needed for the participation of the citizen in vote casting process are their identity documents there is no pre registration system in the Mexico for election process. For the electoral process there is no electoral college etc and can take place in any governmental and nongovernmental place. In exceptional cases when the head is missing due to some cause the system of selection can be change and can adopt other options of selection too. The presidentional elections in Mexico take place after each six years, although in exceptional cases the time line can be change according to situations. Legislative elections are scheduled every six years for the el ections for the senate and state usually take place together and elections for the he Chamber of Deputies held in every three years. Mostly elections are held on first Sunday of July. The selection procedure for the state governors are also similar to that of the head and elections for the purpose of state governors selections held after six years, legislatures elections are renewed after every three years.

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