Friday, October 18, 2019

1000 words Health Promotion in the Workplace Essay

1000 words Health Promotion in the Workplace - Essay Example Legislations are the rules that the government creates and imposes them on all health care organizations (Ashcroft, 2007). The state does this to ensure that health care givers treat patients using the safest methods. Legislations also help to protect the rights of both patients and health care givers. Ethical issues, on the other hand, are standards that help to determine actions that may be accepted by the society (Scriven, 2010). Ethical considerations help to emphasize and complement legislations. This means that health promoters use ethics whether there are legislations or not. This is because both ethics and legislations support one another when they exist, and when one is absent, the other is applicable (Seedhouse, 2009). For example, when an individual is suffering from type 2 diabetes, ethical considerations require health care givers to maintain the confidentiality of the disease between them and patients. Legislation on the other hand prevents individuals from compelling others to inform when they are suffering from illnesses such as type 2 diabetes. State legislations help to safeguard patients from being discriminated against and from being provided with poor services in health care centres. For example, the â€Å"Equality Act of 2010† protects diabetes victims from being shown prejudice at the workplace (Kronenfeld, 2012). This rule requires employers to give diabetes patients equal employment opportunities like others who do not suffer from the illness. Legislations also enable diabetes patients to enjoy the freedom of autonomy by requiring health providers to maintain the confidentiality of patient’s information. Health care givers are not supposed to expose the diabetes condition of a patient without the consent of that recipient (Ham, 2009). Health care givers also have the right to maintain the confidentiality of their condition when they suffer

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