Sunday, October 6, 2019

Compare and contrast Frankenstein movie vs book Review

Compare and contrast Frankenstein vs book - Movie Review Example Some of the major differences between the book and the movie are: This relates to the death of Caroline. The cause of her death as detailed in the novel is scarlet fever that seizes her after she nurses her beloved Elizabeth to recoup original health. In the movie the cause of death is during the process of her giving birth to William, Victor’s little brother. With Elizabeth Mary Shelley has tried to depict a celestial angel-like figure, with glow around the body and she has shining blonde hair. She is the adopted daughter if Caroline and Alphonse. In the movie Elizabeth’s appearance is entirely different. Rather, it is exactly in contrast to the conception and depiction of her beauty by the author. In the movie her appearance is ugly, with pale and brown complexion and she has curly hair. The author has chiseled a noble character, where as the movie is nowhere near it. The episode of William’s murder is entirely different. As per the book, when William was murde red, Victor was not at home. As per the movie, Victor was in Geneva when William was discovered murdered. In the book, monster had no knowledge of the art of playing g flute and it has never learned how to play it. In the movie, William reaches out to the monster while he is playing his flute. William’s murder is further complicated. ... He had to agree for the suggestion rather under coercion, but realizing the dangerous implications of his latest scientific venture, he destroys the same, just when he is about to breathe life into it. In the movie the place of the creation of the female monster is shown as his home at Geneva. The version in the novel is Victor and Clerval travel to Scotland for the intended creation of the monster. Furthermore, in the movie Clerval doesn’t die. In the novel, Clerval is murdered by the monster in Ireland and Victor is accused of killing his trusted one. The ending of the movie throws out a dramatic difference which is not part of the novel. While Victor and Elizabeth are on honeymoon, the monster attacks Elizabeth on her bed and rips her heart which is still beating, and that results in her death. Victor takes her dead body to his home in Geneva and makes desperate attempts to revive her in his laboratory. In pursuing the objective to bring her back to life, he cuts her head o ff, and sews it onto the exhumed body of Justine Moritz’, the nanny. Though the revival works, its final results prove harmful for him. None of these episodes are part of the novel. With the killing of Elizabeth, the pursuit begins and at the end of the movie the monster commits suicide by burning himself with Victor’s (his father/creator) body. There is no mention of such events in the novel. Some other minor but important variations are: Victor gets (steals) the body parts from the prison as shown in the movie, whereas the book mentions about the graveyard near the school from where he acquires the parts. The book describes about Dr. Frankenstein using the brain of a criminal for his monster, but the movie shows that is his mentor’s brain-- a brilliant scientist.

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