Sunday, November 3, 2019

Project Reflective Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Project Reflective Report - Essay Example This reflective paper will seek to discuss our business idea, particularly how it was conceived and how the group will communicate the idea to collaborators and potential clients. The group includes Jet who is a philosopher and photographer, Nathan, a businessman with interests in art and design, and me, a producer, singer, and artist. Us being a collective with interests in arts, it was our aim to create an idea, which was reflective of our creativity and interests. Following extensive discussions and research about various business projects in arts, we settled on holding a paint pot party, of which the main idea revolved around, creating a party for students to come together, socialize, drink, listen to music and paint freely. In addition, the arts party would involve students from all courses in Newcastle, rather than just arts-based programs, aiming at a messy, fun, and entertaining night that would encourage creativity. The idea for this project was informed by Paint Jam London, which provides themed arts parties for an array of clients. As a group, we came together to study learn from Paint Jam London, conducting research on their business, following which we all combined our ideas. We were especially drawn to this company because it is designed to activate its client’s imagination and to inspire them. Just as we plan with our project, the company seeks to use creative free flow to open artistic techniques to all who want to produce unique artwork. From researching on Paint jam London, we also learnt about the importance corporate social responsibility, which provides a bridge that will help the business support the communities they come from. It is something that we will most certainly integrate in our future company. After collecting information about possible project ideas and being inspired by the Paint Jam London Model, we settled on

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