Thursday, November 21, 2019

The Civil Rights Movement Annotated Bibliography

The Civil Rights Movement - Annotated Bibliography Example Abstract: This book, edited by Jack Davis contains twelve essays that tackle the development of the civil right s movement that is supported by primary documents. With the emphasis on the chronology of events through a detailed timeline and the geographic scope of the movement, the book introduces the foundations of the movement, followed by the fight for labor and civil rights. It then discusses the white resistance and anticommunism, anti civil rights and why they oppose the movement. It is then followed by a discussion on the participants-liberals and moderates and the role of women. The discussion continues to the local-national relationships and grassroots level. Lastly, the book concludes its discussion on the attainment of black power and culture and political power.Dierenfield, Bruce J. The Civil Rights Movement. New York: Pearson Longman, 2008.Abstract: The book tells in vivid detail the extraordinary measures of ordinary African Americans to reclaim their rights. It argues that the movement has been one of the most important, or rather, the most important transformations of the United States as a country, a process that has brought so much turmoil, civil unrest, and violence. The brutality, hostility, and aggression towards the proponents of the civil rights movement caused these people to lose their jobs, homes, and even lives. It also highlights how racism brought about by slavery has impacted the mentality of the American people that put the black community at an inferior position.

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