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Education goes global Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Education goes global - Coursework ExampleIn order to reach to the shoot for market, LSFB will use advertisements, personal communications and exhibitions. The key objectives for LSFB in Africa include enhancing the market share in order to augment the fig of students served by it, to enhance the brand value, to increase the revenue and to enlarge the number of campuses in the teaching method segment of Africa. Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Situation outline 4 Company and a Case translate Background digest 4 Customer part and Analysis 4 Competitor Analysis 7 Collaborators 8 Climate 8 PESTLE Analysis 8 SWOT Analysis 9 Conversion Strategy 10 Matching 10 bruise securities industrying Objectives and Objectives for Going International 10 SMART Marketing Objectives 10 Marketing Mix Strategies and tactic 11 Conclusion 14 References 15 Situation Analysis Company and a Case Study Background Analysis London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) has developed an ethos which fa cilitates the students to learn, nurture as fountainhead as attain overall success in their future life. The goal of the organisation is to be a distinctive choice by the global students as one of the most creative as wellhead as ambitious destinations. The focus of the organisation is to endeavour for excellence as well as it trusts in the principle of education through different types of innovative industry relevant programmes for providing donnish, professional as well as personal success in life of the global students. In relation to culture, the organisation is think in both vital constituents such as educational as well as technical perspectives. With regard to educational culture, the organisation is confident on ascertaining continuous research for growing rapidly as a thinking community. Apparent strengths of LSBF include its excellent academic reputation through state-of-the-art academic facility along with collaborating and monitoring the global students. In terms of weakness, it can be said that forethought for designing of requisite programmes at times creates inadequate understanding for the students. With regard to market share as well as organisational size, LSBF has spread its strong foothold in more than 150 countries which has influenced above 25,000 international students and it also provides 120,000 online programmes on various academic segments 1 (London School of Business & Finance, 2013). Customer Segmentation and Analysis Market segmentation includes dividing the market of possible customers into similar subgroups. Segmentation is a vital aspect because it helps to target those customers who agree best with the organisational objectives. In other words, LSBF needs to segment the market of potential candidates into subgroups (Kusakci, 2010). There are some(prenominal) ways through which an organisation can segment the market such as behavioural, demographic and psychographic. With pry to LSBF, demographic segmentation will be f ollowed. Demographic segmentation involves dividing the market into gender, age, income and occupation among others (Martins, 2003). The potential customers for LSBF would be high school students as they would further be enrolled in studying business or finance courses. Based on the data of UNESCO Institute for Statistics, in the year 2007, about 761090 students had been enrolled in higher education in public schools of Africa, representing 1.6% of entire population. Most of the students who enrol into higher education belong to the age

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