Sunday, June 9, 2019

Housing Issues and Solutions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Housing Issues and Solutions - Essay ExampleThe result of this practice has contributed to significant suffering amongst the residents of the Riverslake estate due to the living accommodations issues facing the organization. The rent not collected in time has been becoming a major source of problem for Riverslake in keeping financial resources in place. There are complains that tenants are scared to go out at night because the resident kids have been seen to hang around often. A number of practicable solutions to these issues can be established with a collaborative effort from both the management and the residents. some of the solutions to these issues are discussed in the report. Among the solutions discussed, this report recommends that the participation of residents or tenants in the decision making process of the estate would be a major step in reaching the height of the solutions to all evident housing issues. Some key suggestions regarding the obligation of the housing profe ssionals include the need for training as well as providing education concerning the management of residents and income collection on regular basis. Through, well-structure vulgar coordination and collaboration, the housing issues faced by the Riverslake Association can be resolved properly. The paper concludes with the best practices that the property owners have current adopted in the charge of maintaining the estate, disrepairs and for resolving the troubles of residents. Thus the best course of action is to have the housing management listen to the tenants regarding the problems they often face.

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