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Designing a Training Program Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Designing a Training Program - Research Paper Example ors in varied field shall equally be used in order to give adequate mitigation to the objectives, the use of facilitators will come in handy among others (Stroh, Northcraft & Neale, 2002). Identify the needs of the workers then, process them. Finally tailor them to how they affect the level of self drive among the employees. Carrying out an employee centered training approach; bring out from the them the appropriate solutions to the bottlenecks that confront the organization Lastly, identifying mentors on their relevant field will help them be more enthusiastic as well since; these mentors will act as their coach and bolster their drive towards realizing their utmost best in the organization. In addition, the training should use probing tendencies to find from the employees the best ways to care for the resources of the organization. Through this, the training will not impose into them ideals of best practices but rather, it shall give the workers hindsight on how to become each other’s brothers’ keeper. This shall be realized through and elaborate mode of individual employee participation in the training process and other means of giving responses can be identified at the work places. For example, modes of reporting mal practices in the organization and the urgency of redressing justice and integrity issues. For example, is the administration dictatorial in nature or democratic in orientation, which one would work best for the employees in order to elicit from them the best practices in the realizing the objectives of the firm. Does the organization have the capacity to care for the welfare needs of her employees? The level of concern will dictate the response of the workers to wards realizing the prime objectives of the firm. For example, do they compel worker to work even if their health is under challenge? Does the organization offer security of tenure or are the workers contracted and fired at the whims of the employer and excreta. Whether

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