Monday, July 29, 2019

Cliches and My College Writing Experience Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Cliches and My College Writing Experience - Essay Example The course allowed me to learn how to well articulate and integrate my opinions into essay assignments in the correct academic writing format. Professionally, the course has assisted me to become better at writing emails to my professors, tutors, and friends. From learning the course, I gained the ability to formulate well written and cohesive emails. I have experienced few difficulties as I strove towards taking a more scholarly approach in writing. The first difficulty I got to encounter was getting to learn MLA format by looking in the textbook. I had no prior experience in this format and getting to learn it by myself proved a challenge. The textbook provided great assistance but it became limited in showing how the MLA format gets learnt practically. Another difficulty I encountered was with my spelling. Scholarly writing requires correct spelling and thus it proved a challenge on the first instance. The more I got to get through the WRIT 111 course, the more I got to improve on my spelling as I received help from the writing center. The assistance I received from the writing center greatly influenced my improvement in spelling. I believe I have mastered most if not all of the learning outcomes of the WRIT 111 course. From the course, I have vastly improved in my academic writing. I have learnt how to write a well organized essay with proper paragraphing. I have become better at structuring my essays and making sure that sentences and paragraphs follow a proper order and make sense. The course assisted me to learn how to format essays in MLA style. From the course, I have improved my ability to coordinate first and third person narration into my essays. I now understand when to use either of the two narration styles. Visits to the writing center and the assigned textbook readings for the course allowed me to record a higher improvement in my second essay score compared to the first

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