Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Leo Burnett Company Essay

Leo Burnett Company- Virtual Team Management Discussion Questions 1. Assume the role of an LB (Traditional) Employee a. Describe your everyday work environment (i.e: think about/discuss how would fill your day, what office environment would be, what would determine your work priorities and the nature of your relationship with your colleagues and your client. -lot of face to face contact by being on 2 to 3 teams and reporting to multiple people -20 to 30 yr olds, 60 hour work weeks, late nights and many hours up and about discussing projects -open concept and social work environment, socialize with colleagues after work b. How is this different from your role as part of the Forever Young team? -less face to face at the end of the project -repeatedly had to explain the basic project components to the senior managers -no collaboration with others, didn’t give them exactly what they need -only six memebers in Forever Young so they have more responsibility and job titles -very formal, kick-off meeting, only met once -Carmichael hoped that they would just follow the communication protocol 2. What are some of the difficulties that the Forever Young global advertising and communication team faces throughout the launch? In London? In Toronto? in Taipei? -could not communicate properly and something simple took 45 minutes of their one hour video-conference -London, the global vice-president for skin care retired without putting a succession plan in place, other personnel changes, both teams had budget problems, wanted to finish ASAP (TV, print ads, HQ for EU, ME, and Asia) -Toronto, the brand team left the agency, Davids did not really want to be in charge, couldn’t change any part of the ad, campaign not successful, blamed UK for having all creation away from the launch, UK says Toronto should have changed the ad to fit the culture/market (Below the Line Ads, not TV print or creative) -Taipei, campaign was successful because the market did not perceive the ad as violent (BTL ads, print) 3. As Janet Carmichael, what do you do now? Do you decentralize the team- why and or why not? -decentralize the team and give more autonomy to Toronto -it is a risk of giving them freedom to choose own advertising ads, but if they stay centralized both teams may fail and the whole project may go under

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