Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Secure and Architecture and Models Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Secure and Architecture and Models - Essay Example This research will begin with the definition of secure as a term used to describe a situation that is free from harm and is not exposed to any danger. In computer world secure is simply the state of the computer and other computer related devices are free from interruption risks, internal or external unauthorized entry and access and infections. Architecture is the process of defining a set of structured solutions and decisions that meet all the operational and technical requirements in an organization while optimizing common quality elements and attributes. The important part of the architecture is the structural nature. Models are clearly anything that is used as a structure to represent another thing. Models are used to represent a blueprint of an intended project or idea. Models provide an overview and a simpler way of expressing complex process or ideas. Different Components usually perform different functions in a system. A good example is the computer system components. The co mputer system component comprises of the input devices, output devices, backing stores, and the central unit. All the components have different features and perform different functions. Because of this reason, all have different security prevention measures. The system components should be compatible with each other in order to work together as a system, this means that the developers have to generate ways to get the components compatible are a middleware of networks to link the components to each other to allow communication.

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