Wednesday, July 24, 2019

JFKs assassination Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

JFKs assassination - Essay Example The successor of JFK Lyndon B. Johnson suffered a credibility gap as illustrated in the polls. That showed that Americans no longer trusted their government due to other evils happening around the same time such as Vietnam War, assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior,and the unfolding Watergate scandal preceding years of malaise. The death of the lone gunman Lee Harvey Oswald dispelled shock and confusion during an abortive transfer by strip club operator Jack Ruby. President Johnson instituted the Warren Commission to unravel the mysterious death of JFK. It became as one of the most vilified investigation panel in American history due to conspiracy and cover up. Hawken investigates that Lee Harvey Oswald is the likely assailant linked to the death of JFK. Prior to the death of JFK, Oswald was a Marine that worked as a radar operator based at U-2 spy plane. Once he left the Marines, he went to Russia where he interacted with KGB operatives. He lived an extravagant lifestyle probably due to crucial information he passed to the Soviets concerning U-2 spy operatives. In reality, Oswald was working for the CIA while smokescreen as a traitor to America. Warren affirms that Lee Harvey Oswald fired the shots that killed JFK from the building’s southeastern sixth-floor window. That is the same evidence depicted by Dallas Police Department, FBI, and Texas School Book Depository employee. Conspirators’ theories posit Oswald as a lone gunman in the league of other plotters that fail to gain foothold in the popular imagination of the likelihood of having another gunman. A Philadelphia attorney observes confusion, shock, and pandemonium at the crime scene amidst sensory assaults of wailing sirens, roaring motorcycles, and animated throng cheering the arrival of the President. Skeptics stress on the eyewitnesses reports that seem to contradict the official conclusion. Several witnesses claim of hearing four shots while the Warren report cites of three

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