Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The three most inportant gifts i ever received are Essay

The three most inportant gifts i ever received are - Essay Example When I was young I always had the capability to come out as a leader in my class. I used to be the class representative at an age when my group mates were hesitant to come in front of the teacher. I have learned to lead from the front and guide my class mates through everything that they face. The leadership skills I believe have been gifted to me by God himself. Similarly I have also been gifted the capability of being determined in life. Determination is yet another god gifted capability for which I did not have to do much in my life. From an early age I always had this determination in achieving my goals when I set them up. I wanted to clear the subject of mathematics with a good grade and with the right determination and struggle I was able to do so. I believe that this determination would also help me in the future. Determination is the most important gift I ever received from God as I believe that I can be able to achieve almost anything that I require in this world. Starting from my very early life I received a lot of presents from my family members on my birthday but one special gift that I still remember as the best from my childhood was when my grandfather gifted me a watch. A watch seems too ordinary for an important gift but the timing of the gift matters most to me. While gifting me the watch my grandfather said â€Å"Son, always be particular about your timings†. Ever since I used that watch to make sure that I was particular about my timings and this has helped me greatly in life. These three gifts have helped me to become a better man in my life. I believe that with these gifts I can make out something good of my life and can achieve anything that I require. Being particular about my timings can help me to set an example for others and the capability to lead can help me to lead other people. Similarly with the determination of my sort I think that I can be able to achieve almost any

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