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Laws and Codes in Hebrew and Mesopotamia Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Laws and Codes in Hebrew and Mesopotamia - Essay Example They had followed these laws for many years to dictate their way of life including marriage, children, worship, and family values among others. It is through these doctrines that the understanding to their concerns and values is derived1. Concerns of Hebrews and Mesopotamians The Hebrews and Mesopotamians concerns and apprehensions are based on their law codes from ancient times. In this respect, these cultures believed that disobeying the laws of the Lord would result to punishment. According to the First Book of Moses, called Genesis2it is written that from the start Adam and Eve were punished by God for eating fruit from the forbidden tree. This clarifies that disobedience of God’s laws and commands has serious repercussions to the society. Further, the book cites that the Hebrews and Mesopotamians were expected to live a life without sin. Sins and wickedness caused the people to lose favor with God just as it is written about the time of Noah. The people in the era of Noah sinned greatly against God and he had to destroy the entire world. Noah and his family together with the animals in the world were saved because he was the only person devoid of sin3. God’s curse was a concern for the Hebrews because it meant that the person would have to die. The laws and codes of the Hebrews declared that God would place a curse against people who wronged prophets ordained by God. They were expected to listen to the words of God’s messengers else, they had to suffer the curse. For instance, the First Book of Moses, called Genesis speaks of king Pharaoh who stole the wife of Abraham and God sent a curse inform of plague into his household. The Hebrews and Mesopotamians were also concerned about the worship ofidol gods. God had forbidden the worship of idols and required all the people to worship him alone. In the same manner, they had to deter from mentioning the name of God in vain since it is a way of ignorance of his words. This requires people to worship the Lord but not joke in his name for punishment would be placed upon them. These ancient communities were not expected to kill, steal, or commit acts of adultery within the society. Such grave sins were punishable through death and God’s anger would be upon those that disobeyed his commands. In addition, the Hebrew and Mesopotamian people were expected to respect each other and not steal each other house or wives. It was clear that any person that hit or disrespected the parents were to be put to death without any mercy4. The Values of ancient Hebrews and Mesopotamians The ancient Hebrews and Mesopotamians were people who worshipped God without ceasing. They did the worship through prayers, tithing, and thanksgiving festivals, which were conducted as often as possible. Through the book of Genesis, the Hebrews and Mesopotamians worked the entire week but on the seventh day, it was a day to rest and focused on worshipping the Lord. They cleansed their bodies by washin g their clothes and further, entered the temple to worship God. The altar was placed in the God’s temple as a place where they gave their offerings and sacrifices to the Almighty God. Through these offerings, the people received God mercy and blessing in their lives. For instance, the Book of Genesis speaks of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob who offered sacrifices, worshipped God, and in return received abundant blessings for them and their descendants5. The Hebrews and Mesopotamians established a covenant with God to remain true to his will. In this respect, they believed God as the sole provider, protector, and giver of life whom they depended entirely. A covenant was made between God and Israelites to circumcise their male children eight days after birth. This was to show that they belonged to God

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