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Business Consulting Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Business Consulting Paper - Essay Example The external consultant advices different clients compared to an internal consultant who only advises his company. This essay expounds on what is a business consultant and his or her respective roles and responsibilities. A business consultant is a person who is an expert in business fields and offers advice and guidance to firms mostly at a fee. The business fields include finance, management, accountancy, human resource and procurement. For instance, a finance consultant advises a firm on management issues of finances and how to get the finances. He or she advises them on how to issue stocks, rights issues, bonds and any other tactic of gaining capital from the shareholders. He or she advises the client on how to join the stock exchange markets to trade in stocks. This is done to improve the capital base of an organization thus facilitating its growth. An example of a firm providing financial consultant services is Deloitte Consulting LLP (Malone, 2012). A management consultant who is still a business consultant, advises firms on any management issues. He or she guides a firm when setting up its organization structure, and also when coming up with the roles and responsibilities in every position. A management consultant also helps any organization to choose the best organization culture that would improve the performance of the employees. An example of management consultant firm is the McKinsey & Company. It has been offering these services since 1926. Human resource consultant gives guidance to an organization on how to handle its human resource; a framework on how to recruit, induct and associate with new employees is set by the help of a human resource consultant. An example is Mercer LLC in the United States, which has many offices worldwide (Malone, 2012). Finally, a procurement consultant who is still a business consultant,

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