Thursday, August 22, 2019

New And Old Versions Of Romeo And Juliet Essay Example for Free

New And Old Versions Of Romeo And Juliet Essay Lately in English class we read the tale of Romeo and Juliet then, and we got to see both movies the nineties version and the original. They were very different their weapons, clothes, transportation but had a few similarities like the language they spoke the same language, kept the same characters, and so was the plot. Theyre many differences between both movies the nineties version and the original. Which are the weapons they used, in the older version they use swords while in the nineties version they use 9mm pistols. I think that having the use of pistols instead of swords helps me realize the severity of the situation. I believe that having pistols used shows the lethalness of the sword. Another huge difference is the clothes they wear are very different in the new movie the Montagues usually where dark colored, and the Capulets were vibrantly colored but the opposite ahs occurred in the new movie. In my opinion they must have forgot which family usually wore what. I believe that the Montagues like bright colored shirts because they usually are happy and joyful so they wear brightly colored shirts. But on the other hand they do have some similarities. Both movies the nineties version and the original are similar in many ways. One way in how they are similar are the type of English they speak they speak a mid English not an old English and certainly not a modern English. I believe that the director used this to help relate the event back to the original. I also believe that they must have had to study their lines for long periods of time. The director actually kept the same characters from the original he did not cut any one from the movie. I believe he did this not do dishonor William Shakespeare. In my opinion is the best writer that ever lived. Finally the director used the same plot in this movie and in the original, every character had the same role as in the original movie. In my opinion the director did not leave out any parts or scenes from the original movie. I think that the director did not cut out any of the parts because he wanted it to be just like it was in the original only in modern times. After viewing both of the movies the nineties version and the original I can see the similarities and differences clearly and have an understanding of  why William Shakespeare wrote this play and why it is so widely known.

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