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Administrator and Teacher Interview Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Administrator and Teacher Interview - Essay Example After enrolling at Hardin-Simmons University, I realized what my calling was. A professor noticed that I had many hours in Spanish and asked me if I had ever considered teaching Spanish or bilingual education. I had always loved working with children, as I had worked with children in my high school years, helping them to read and practice math. And so, my career in education began. After some time in school, I began to realize all the benefits of being an educator: summers and holidays off, time with my family, working with children, and a love for a career unlike any other. (2) Would you recommend the education profession to others? Why or why not? I would only recommend the education profession to others that truly want to teach. The rewards from the students’ successes are wonderful. Most parents are kind and helpful. There are many more positive aspects to teaching, but there are also negative aspects to teaching. For example, teachers are some of the lowest paid professio nals in the country. Teachers must continue to educate themselves to stay current in educational trends, often at their own expense. There is immense pressure to make students perform on state accountability tests because student scores are tied to state funds for the schools. (3) Are there any other teachers in your family? If so, who? I have two cousins who are educators in Texas. (4) What is your highest level of education? (Masters) Leadership of Learning, M.Ed. (5) How long have you been an educator? I have been an educator for thirteen years. (6) What is your greatest challenge as an educator? My greatest challenge is getting parents involved in their children’s education. (7) How do you balance the demands of your profession with the political realities of the education system? It is difficult. I often take the political realities personally. I try to do my job and leave the other â€Å"stuff† at school. Sometimes I vent to those I trust, and sometimes administr ators hear my voice if I feel passionately enough about the topic. I try not to rock the boat too often because I feel like everyone is constantly critiquing my actions and me. (8) Do you live in the community that you work in? If yes, do you believe that it is important for educators to live in the community in which they work? Why or why not? I live in a nearby town. I believe that it is important for the educator to be involved in the community. An educator does not have to live in the community to be involved. I loved living in the community where I taught because the students could come over at any time. On the other hand, living outside the community offers more privacy. (9) Who was your greatest educational influence? My high school science teacher helped me love learning. He taught me to become a life-long learner. Later, he hired me in my first teaching position. During my time working with him, Mr. Hardy taught me what a true leader is: one who serves others. (10) What is the greatest benefit of being an educator? The greatest benefit is watching young people learn and love learning. When a child realizes that he/she can do anything with effort, it is amazing to watch them try new things and succeed. It is more amazing to watch them fail and try again in a different way. That shows that they are growing as students. When they accomplish what they thought was impossible, their smiles and hugs are the greatest pay. b) Administrator and Teacher Interview i) Make arrangements to interview both an administrator and a teacher. Utilize the questions below in the interview and record their responses: (1) Why did you choose to go into education as a career? I chose to go into edu

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