Monday, September 9, 2019

CME Hosting Company Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

CME Hosting Company - Case Study Example Additionally, the data and information stored in databases is extremely confidential and should not be offered for public view. On the other hand, a lot of businesses are completely dependent upon information stored in computers systems. For instance, they use databases to store staff details, personal data, salaries, clients’ information, marketing, sales information, bank account details and so on. Moreover, in absence of such database system, it would be very hard for a company to work properly. Thus, there is a dire need for implementing an effective information security procedure to secure this data and information (Crystal, 2012; Nash, 2000). Furthermore, effective data and information security systems integrate a variety of strategies for better security products, skills and events. In addition, software applications such as firewalls and virus scanners are not sufficient on their own to secure this precious data and information. ... This report is aimed at analyzing present status of information security at the corporate. This report will offer an insight into the security arrangements presently available at ACME Co. as well as some new technologies needed to be deployed for the effective management of information security at in different corporate areas. Part I Threat Assessment In this section I will conduct a detailed analysis of some of the important threats at ACME Co. regarding provision of new web services for Citizens Wellness (CW) application by large health care company named Well-Health Inc. The basic aim of this analysis is to discover those major threats which currently exist in web services of ACME Co. as well as how these threats can damage or create issues for the information and data privacy for Citizens Wellness (CW) application. In this scenario, one of the primary risks is regarding staff related security risk. For instance, any bad staff person can hack or damage the business database or sys tems working. In addition, there is no proper way for staff recruitment. As well, there is no process for assessing background of staff members. The next main issue that I have assessed is regarding dissimilarity of operating systems’ versions and patches. In case of such misbalance among these versions and patches, there is no single and identical way to deal with security management of the business. Moreover, one of the biggest threats that can create an alarming situation for the business is the absence of anti-virus software on ACME servers. I have assessed that work stations of organization’s employees/contractors still do not have any protection procedure against malwares. There is another issue regarding network services of ACME which is the absence of internal

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