Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Report writing Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Report writing - Assignment Example This is the time when the kids get the basics of communications by learning meanings of words, understand grammar and eventually construct sentences and speak fluently. At the same time being able to learn how to communicate using voice, tone, gesture, facial expressions, and body language. (Evesham & Media). As said by Dowling, it is important for parents and teachers to know that communication among children begin from birth. Although they cannot speak at this age, they are able to communicate by crying. They hear and recognize different voices and even languages. Caregivers, teachers and parents play a very vital role in the child’s communication development at this stage. The child should be taught language and speeches since their brain development is faster than any other time of life (Dowling 2010, p.87). This is corroborated by Lindon when he says that the first three years of a child is when the brain cells are developed and therefore it is very critical in the development of the child’s communications skills and that is the reason great attention and care should be taken in what the child hears and sees at this time (Dowling 2010, p.87; Lindon 2012, p.46). It is evident that there has not been much attention on this leading to poor communication among children. There is a worrying trend among the young children since most of them lack personal, emotional and social development at an early age will lead to poor communication. Fox & Lentini says that behavioral problems in children’s development is influenced by the lifestyle of parents. Early exposure to domestic violence and other family problems do have impact on the child’s development. Janice, Masi & Vick adds that parental attachment is an important aspect of emotional and social development of children. The social and emotional health of a child is highly dependent on the attachment to their parents. Poor parental attachment has a negative impact. The mental health of caregivers and

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